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I've been so dead, haven't I? Yeah, I have. I'm really different now, too. Doesn't matter I guess. As you can tell, I can't blog to save my life, so let's have an Eleven macro instead, yeah? You might have seen it if you go to doctoreleven. I'm in complete fangirly love with Eleven/Matt Smith that it actually hurts to not squee. I can't even, I can't ever.

JSYK, I think I'm only updating again because lots of people are friending me recently, and I feel kinda dumb having people who want to read what I write when I don't write anything XD Thanks everyone, sorry for the let-down! ♥ I might come up with something funny later, but no promises. If I can find it, I might post that one crack-fic I made where I haden't slept in four days and the Doctor and the Master were settling things the TimeLord way, and I quote: "We will settle this the TimeLord way...WITH A POKEMON BATTLE!!1!11!" Obi-Wan was in there somewhere and the Terminator was kicking shiny metal Dalek ass.
Tags: all this macro is belonging to me, dat ass, delicious matt is delicious, doctor who, gqmf, macros, oh doctoooor, oh god that hair, wtf savy, ~swoon~,
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