Mermaid Princess (tantrauma) wrote,
Mermaid Princess


Never eat plain grapefruit with ginger ale. It taste weird.


It seems I have an ear infecting. Oh no Dx And a sore throat. And I ways doing stupid crap AGAIN last night! Cherokee's can of spray cheese would work, so I tried to put a hole in it to let the pressure out and cut it open.

Needless to say, I didn't get very far. Dad stopped me halfway through trying to scratch it open with a brick. I forgot about the giant explosion that the pressure would cause when it's open. D'OH!

OOOOH. And I also got this green striped long-sleeved minidress thing last night, I love it <3

K, just thought I'd update you on dumbass world.
Tags: babble, you're an idiot
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